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In 2004, SHARNDY began to export heating products, in 2009, factory named EDEANS was founded, which engaged to research modern and elegant electric heating items under brand “SHARNDY”. As we are so concentrated on our innovation, which would largely speed the way an enterprise moves forward, now SHARNDY has developed into the comfortable Electric Heating Industry, and will always keep on going ahead to be the leader in the field.

[SHARNDY News] Preparing for the online Canton Fair


For the COVID-19, almost trade fair was canceled this year. But there always much more solution than issues,live show is a new way we are trying.


[SHARNDY News] How to install heated towel rails: there 're three options


A heated towel rail is a surprisingly affordable luxurious things, during the cold months, you can avoid shivering when you step out of the shower or tub by wrapping yourself in a warm towel. Read on to learn how to fit a heated towel rail in 1 of 3 ways to ensure a proper fit in your bathroom.


[SHARNDY News] Keep learning-how to take a good video


Keep learning, keep growing, SHARNDY always offer chance to learn new things. Video is a new trends nowadays, then we have a class for video learning.


[SHARNDY News] SHARNDY Enterprise Culture


 enterprise culture should “ solidify by system, reflect through activity and then recognize by all staff”.


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Electric Towel Warmers

Electric Towel Warmers ETW85-1W

Electric Towel Warmers ETW13-15W

Electric Towel WarmersETW83

Electric Towel Warmers  ETW71-3

Electric Towel Warmers  ETW12R

Electric Towel Warmers  ETW9

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